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Old Timers Band (Warsaw):

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Wojciech Kaminski - piano
Zbigniew Konopczynski - trombone
Mark Shepherd - trumpet and vocals
Janusz Kwiecien - clarinet
Bogdan Kulik - drums
Pawel Tartanus - banjo and vocals
Andrzej Zielak - contrabass

*There is the possibility of vocalist inviting.

Zbigniew Konopczynski - trombone, leader, one of the greatest Polish trombonists. In 1960, he founded the SIX DIXIELANDERS jazz group, that newspaper described as the discovery of the year. He played with the band ROYAL RAG and "STODOLA" Big Band. In 1972, he became a member of the OLD TIMERS, with which he is associated to the present. Since 2004, after the death of Henry Majewski, Old Timers Band is led by Zbigniew Konopczynski. Parallel in between 1980-1990, he worked with the S-1 Radio Orchestra under the direction of Andrzej Trzaskowski, BIG BAND WARSAW, and the SWING SESSION. Currently, in addition to performances, Zbigniew Konopczynski actively participates as a member of the jury of jazz festivals. He is also a member of the Boards and Associations of Musicians STOART STOMUR and ZZST FORUM.

Mark Shepherd - vocalist, trumpeter, composer and lyricist - during his colorful life, he performed in clubs in Western Europe: London, Paris, Zurich, Rome, Naples, Amsterdam, Fuerteventura, Edinburgh, Manchester, Oldensaal. And also in home of jazz - USA: New York, Boston, Cape Cod. In England, he played inter alia with: Digby Fairweather, Mellow Harmony, Martyn Bennett, James Evans, Johnny Boston, Mike Kemp, Monty Sunshine, Alan Barnes, Phil Mason, Pat Halcock, Tom "Spats" Langham, Tommy Burton, The "Gents of Jazz" Jeremy Huggett's Band of Gold, Salon Rouge, the New Constellation Jazzmen. In Poland, he played inter alia with: Janusz Muniak, Wojtek Karolak, Mieczyslaw Mazur, Andrzej "Snajper" Jastrzebski, Stanislaw Soyka, Bogdan Holownia, Karol White, Pawel Kaczmarczyk, Dymitr Markiewicz, Wojciech Kaminski.

Janusz Kwiecien - leading clarinettist and jazz saxophonist (alto, tenor). For many years, he was considered the greatest jazz clarinettist in Poland – the first place on ‘Jazz Top’ list of ‘Jazz Forum’ magazine (1982-1985). He is a laureate of the prestigious jazz award - ‘Zlota Tarka’ and other awards granted in Poland and abroad. At the Zlota Tarka Festival, he won the first prize as the best instrumentalist in 1977 and he began a six-year collaboration with Old Timers band. He recorded several albums with them, among others with jazz legend – American cornetist ‘Wild Bill Davidson’ – soundtracks for several films such as Va Bank and Byl Jazz. He has played at many festivals in Europe and also at Jazz Yatra Festival in Bombay. In 1983, he started collaborating with Studio S1 Big Band under the direction of Andrzej Trzaskowski – it lasted for 9 years. Currently, after multiannual break, he plays with Old Timers band.

Pawel Tartanus - vocalist and instrumentalist (guitar, banjo), working for years with the best Polish traditional jazz bands. He is a traditional symbol and a legend of jazz, and for over 30 years he is always on the top in the annual rankings of the magazine "Jazz Forum". He played with his team in almost every country in Europe, winning many awards. He created beautiful duets with Ewa Bem, Hanna Banaszak, Iza Zajac. He was repeatedly invited to the recording film songs for children by W. Disney Label. Invitation to record the album "Gershwin Copland Bernstein" with Sinfonia Varsovia Band may prove that he is a versatile musician.

Andrzej Zielak - bassist, born in Kutno. He graduated from the local State School of Music (I and II degree). He completed higher studies at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice, at the Institute of Jazz, in the bass class of prof. Jacek Niedziela-Meir. In his artistic output, he has performed at many jazz festivals in Poland and beyond its borders, including: Jazz Jambore, Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa, Festival Jazz d'Avignon, Jazz Forum Festiwal, Krokus Jazz Festiwal in Jelenia Gora, "Old Jazz Meeting" in Ilawa, and others. It was the opportunity to play in teams: Piotr Wojtasik, Eryk Kulma, Krzysztof Popek, Anna Serafinska, Andrzej Jagodzinski, Wojtek Kaminski, Karolina Glazer, Monika Borzym, and Old Timers. He also runs a bass class at the Faculty of Jazz in Academy of Music in Lodz. He and the BIOTONE Band were nominated for the Fryderyk 2012 in category of Jazz Phonographic Debut of the Year!

Bogdan Kulik - drummer. After graduating from the Music School in 1970 he passed the exam to "Dance Orchestra of Polish Radio and Television", directed by Edward Czerny and Boguslaw Klimczuk. Since 1978, he worked in the Andrzej Trzaskowski "S-1 Studio of Polish Radio and Television" Big Band up to orchestra revolving in 1992. Over 15th years he was a member of the "Marek and Vacek" piano duo rhythm section. He recorded and performed with all the most contemporary stars. He has recorded several CDs as a sectional musician. He has appeared across Europe and in the other hemisphere. He plays in the Old Timers Band and Swing Workshop Band.

Wojciech Kaminski - is a pianist, organist, jazz musician, composer and teacher, who grew up on the foundation of great love for old jazz. He collaborated with jazz vocalist among which are: Danuta Blazejczyk, Irena Jarocka, Danuta Rinn, Maryla Rodowicz, Ewa Bem, Lora Szafran, Marysia Sadowska, Janusz Szrom, Hania Banaszak, Andrzej Rosiewicz and many others. He has collaborated with the Warsaw Operetta, National Philharmonic in Warsaw and Warsaw Estrada. As a composer he wrote music for several films. He has also made two television recitals as Scott Joplin's Ragtime and Music World of Wojciech Kaminski.

Old Timers Band is symbol and legend in a Polish traditional jazz. For over 30 years it is on the top of the annual rankings of the magazine "Jazz Forum". It is the best traditional jazz band in Europe. It was established in 1965 in Warsaw. A year later the Band won first prize on the "Zlota Tarka", which accompanying the Jazz Jamboree Festival. This result was repeated in two consecutive years, becoming the first so far the only three-time winner of this trophy. The following years was the success story. The Band has performed at many jazz festivals in Europe. Many CDs, hundreds of concerts, television and radio appearances constitute music achievements of this Band. Old Timers Band performed almost in all countries of Europe. In 1975, The Band was awarded the Golden Plate of Polish Recordings for the album "Old Timers with Sandy Brown". In 1980 they went on tour the former Soviet Union countries called Jazz Stars, and participated in the Jazz Yatra in Bombay and Calcutta. The high artistic level resulted in joint performances and recordings with many traditional jazz stars, among which were: Sandy Brown, Beryl Bryden, Buck Clayton, Wild Bill Davisom, Champion Jack Dupree, All Grey, Joe Newman, Albert Nicholas, Benny Waters and others. Apart from theatrical performances, it is necessary to mention that Old Timers recorded the music for such films as "Byl Jazz", "Vabank", "Seksmisja". They also participated in the implementation of the "Opera za trzy grosze" play in Warsaw Ateneum Theatre and in numerous television programs. Each of the Band concerts is always a huge success, which can be evidence by performances at jazz festivals in Dresden (Germany), Banska Bystrica (Slovakia), Salgotarian (Hungary) in 2005. In more than 40 years of musical activities the composed of team has changed, but members of the group are always musicians representing the highest level of performance. More information about Old Timers Band provide Katarzyna Mrozek

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